Connecting Traceloop to Posthog can be done by following these steps:


Get the needed data from Posthog

Go to your Posthog instance settings and get the following data:

  • API URL (should be something like
  • Project API key (should be in the format phc_-<key>)

Set up the Integration within Traceloop

Go to the integrations page within Traceloop and click on the Posthog card.


Fill in the form

Fill in the data you got from Posthog. Choose the environment you want to connect to Posthog and click on “Enable”.

That’s it!

Go to your Posthog instance, click “Activity” and search for events named traceloop span.

You can then create a new dashboard from the “LLM Metrics - Traceloop” template to visualize the data.