How enterprises monitor LLMs

Know when your LLM app is hallucinating or malfunctioning.
Start deploying with confidence.
Engineers accross the industry use our products to monitor their LLMs

Why Traceloop?

Make sure your LLM output is consistent and reliable
Backtest changes & monitor output quality
  • Get real time alerts about unexpected output quality changes

  • Learn how model and prompt changes affect output

Debug prompts & agents
  • Get suggestions on possible performance improvements

  • Re-run failed chains and agents in staging

  • Gradually rollout changes automatically

The numbers

LLM Providers Supported
Traces Monitored
Hallucinations Detected

How it works

Seamlessly integrate Traceloop to monitor your LLMs

Step 1 : Installation


Add this snippet to your code.


from traceloop.sdk import Traceloop

Step 2 : Done!


You're done. Monitoring starts instantly.

What's in a membership

bursting with powerful benefits.

Unlimited-ish* requests

During your active subscription, you may make as many requests as you need. We’re available by Slack, Discord, or NYC pigeon.

Fast turnarounds

We complete individual requests in an average of 3 business days (Monday - Thursday). Four-day work weeks are the future, baby.


We build every site on Webflow, making them dynamic, accessible, and easily scalable. It’s easy for you like Squarespace but better.

Multiplayer by design

We design in Figma and build on Webflow to allow you to make seamless updates at any time. Teamwork makes the dream work.

One monthly cost

You’ll know your subscription cost upfront. No surprises. Except on your birthday.

Flexible plans

Scale your plan up or down as your business needs change. No pressure.

Made for you

We design and build custom for you. We’re never starting from a template unless you want that? You don't, right?

Plug & play

We’re here when you need us and not on payroll when you don’t.

Easy mode is on

You’re getting 10+ years of design experience with every request. No hand-holding required.

Proudly open source with OpenLLMetry

At Traceloop, we believe in the power of community. Our tool is not just built by us, but also by other developers around the world who contribute to our open source project.

Check out our GitHub repository to see contributions and perhaps make your own!
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