Traceloop is a platform for observability and evaluation of LLM outputs. It allows you to deploy changes to prompts and model configurations with confidence, without breaking existing functionality.

Connecting OpenLLMetry to Traceloop

On Traceloop, API keys can be generated from the Traceloop Dashboard, for each of the three supported environments (Development, Staging, Production).

Go to Traceloop Environments Management (you can also reach here by clicking on Environments on the left-hand navigation bar). Click on Generate API Key. Click Copy Key to copy the API key.

API Keys are only displayed once, at the time of their creation and are not stored anywhere. If you lose your API key, you will need to revoke the old one and generate a new one.

Set the API key as an environment variable named TRACELOOP_API_KEY.

Done! You’ll get instant visibility into everything that’s happening with your LLM. If you’re calling a vector DB, or any other external service or database, you’ll also see it in the Traceloop dashboard.